Demand equitable water rates for New York City

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Despite grave needs to improve the New York City’s sewer infrastructure, the Water Board has proposed a rate increase of 2.31%, much less than increases in other cities. In the face of the largest sewer overflow problem in the country, New York City’s rate is 15.5% less than the average of the 30 largest American cities. While continuing to implement and strengthen protections for low- and moderate-income ratepayers, the Water Board should raise New York’s rates on par with other large cities to help address our failing infrastructure needs.
The Water Board should also consider the potential to make rates more equitable. Other cities like Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. have structured their water rates to separate water consumption costs from stormwater treatment costs. New York City has no separate stormwater fee. This means big box stores with large roofs and parking lots pay nothing for their polluted stormwater runoff, sticking the rest of us with the bill.
New York can do better. Send comments to the Water Board today and ask your City Council representative to do the same.


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  • Honorable Alfonso Carney, New York City Water Board, DEP


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