Reject Holtec's Unacceptable Indian Point Decommissioning Plan

Indian Point

On December 20, 2019, Holtec improperly submitted a Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report for the Indian Point. This PSDAR is insufficient in all aspects, including at its very inception as it was submitted by Holtec instead of the Licensee, Entergy. As such, the NRC has made the PSDAR a supplement of the License Transfer Application, which has the silver lining of providing the public the opportunity to comment on the Report as part of the license transfer process.  As we detailed in our request for a hearing, Holtec has repeatedly lied and misled government officials and in one instance has even bribed a nuclear power plant operator to get business.  Holtec’s partner SNC-Lavalin has an even worse record and has recently pled guilty to fraud and been fined $280M.

The rest of the report only follows this lackluster start, and only serves to illustrate Holtec’s sole goal — to maximize its own profits. PSDARs serve as the roadmap for the decommissioning process and provide both an analysis of potential environmental impacts and a cost-estimate of all activities to ensure funding is available to finish the job. The NRC should reject this bare bones PSDAR for Indian Point since its cursory overview fails to fulfill its basic objectives.

Holtec has everything to gain and nothing to lose, by shifting all risk onto the public.
Don’t let this plan become reality, write to the NRC to voice your concerns and urge them to reject this unacceptable PSDAR.


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