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Emergent Marsh

The Trump Administration has finalized an unprecedented rollback of Clean Water Act protections for small, seasonal or precipitation-fed streams and freshwater wetlands that are vital to protecting water quality and drinking water across the United States and New York. A replacement rule is coming but given what we have seen from the administration so far, we are expecting the worst, which is why we need New York to act.  

State legislators are considering two bills to strengthen clean water protections for New York’s freshwater wetlands and streams as the Trump Administration undercuts federal protections for them.

Last year, the legislation to protect an additional 41,000 miles of “Class C” streams passed by a bipartisan margin of 51-11 in the state Senate but failed to come up to a vote in the Assembly. The wetlands protection legislation stalled on the floor of the Assembly and never made it out of the Environmental Conservation Committee in the Senate. We need your help getting these critical bills across the finish line next year.

Wetlands and streams are critical to the health of rivers and lakes, but now they’re imperiled when faced with federal cuts to environmental enforcement and rollbacks of the Clean Water Act.

You can make a difference by urging your New York State legislators to support two bills to protect streams and freshwater wetlands across the Empire State.


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