Tell New York State DEC it's time to Cut the Crap in Gowanus Canal

Gowanus Canal

Many New York City waters are held to a water quality standard below that which EPA has determined safe for human contact. Certain water bodies, like the Gowanus Canal, are provided even less protection, allotted lower standards than others for pathogens, toxic materials, and dissolved oxygen. It’s time to take Gowanus Canal back and require water quality standards deserving of the community, congruent with clean-up efforts and the proposed development bringing new access to the waterway.

Send a letter to the DEC in support of a reclassification to bring water quality in the Gowanus up to the standards of the East River.


Read the sample letter (below) and add your own thoughts on why this is important to you. Personalized messages have a greater impact!


  • Mark Klotz, Director Division of Water, NYS DEC


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