Tell EPA it's time to cut the crap in Newtown Creek

CSO Newtown Creek

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is making its first major decision in the Superfund cleanup of Newtown Creek since the waterbody’s designation in 2010. The plan is specifically focused on the impacts of chemicals discharged annually to the Creek via Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO). While the plan is rather complicated in the use of technical data, the conclusion is clear: EPA is recommending "No Further Action" to reduce hazardous CSO discharges. The first Superfund decision in 10 years since the listing of Newtown Creek is to take CSO pollution reduction off the table.

This conclusion is unacceptable. EPA is allowing New York City to continue the ongoing pollution of our waterway, destruction to it’s ecosystems, and ongoing dangers posed to those that live or work near the Creek or seek to utilize the waterway for recreational and/or educational purposes.

It’s time to take our waters back. Tell EPA that further CSO capture should be a part of the final remedy to remediate and protect Newtown Creek.



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  • Mark Schmidt, Regional Project Manager, EPA


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