Don't let Port Authority condemn a waterfront park without unbiased alternatives review

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The Port Authority has proposed to construct a $2 billion, 40-foot high AirTrain on top of the Flushing Bay Promenade alongside the World’s Fair Marina in Queens. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the project largely avoids discussion of the impacts on parkland use and parkland alienation, and it glosses over the potential increase in ridership on the already-overcrowded 7 subway line. In lieu of that analysis, it points to a one-time $8.5 million mitigation payment for parkland upgrades, an insultingly small figure for a 13.16-acre waterfront park in New York City where other waterfront parks receive roughly $4.5 million per acre for construction.

Most glaring is the summary dismissal of 45 alternatives that could improve access to the airport with potentially less harm to the affected local community. The benefits and impacts of bus rapid transit, ferry service, extension of the N-W subway line directly from Manhattan, and other proposed AirTrain routes were never fully compared against the project favored by Port Authority.

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