Tell the NRC that Holtec's law breaking must be examined before license transfer determination

Indian Point

Earlier this year, Riverkeeper submitted its challenge to the proposed transfer of Indian Point’s licenses to Holtec on the grounds that its past actions show a lack of character, competence, and integrity, as well as the necessary candor, truthfulness and willingness to abide by NRC regulatory requirements. Since then, Holtec has continued to break the law in New Jersey by moving forward with construction without local permits. In addition, Holtec is under criminal investigation in New Jersey and brazely brought suit for damages due to the suspension of its tax breaks in relation to the investigation. In the meantime, NRC has indicated that it may make a decision on the proposed license transfer and exception requests without fully addressing Riverkeeper’s concerns.
The costly process of decommissioning of nuclear power plants can last decades and involve the complex removal and disposal of radioactive materials, presenting a significant risk to the community if not properly executed. The law provides for a number of safeguards to ensure that decommissioning is safely and completely executed including funding from decommissioning trust funds made up in part of rate payer contributions -- which totals over $2 billion for the three Indian Point reactors. Failure to comply with these laws may lead to significant safety and financial ramifications to the public. Further, corner cutting may impact both the safety and job security of the many IPEC employees both current and future. Giving this huge responsibility to an untrustworthy company would only put the local communities, IPEC employees, and New York State taxpayers at risk, especially in light of Holtec’s proven record of cutting corners to maximize its own profits.
We cannot let the NRC issue a determination on the license transfer without addressing these critical issues. Write to the NRC today and demand that all concerns raised in pending petitions are fully addressed before its decision on the license transfer.

Please send a message to the NRC Commissioner Christopher Hanson and tell him Holtec’s conduct needs to be examined before a license transfer determination is made.


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  • Christopher Hanson, NRC Commissioner


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