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Congressmember Paul Tonko has introduced the New York - New Jersey Watershed Protection Act, H.R. 4677, a bill to authorize up to $50 million in federal funds annually through 2026 to protect and restore the Hudson-Raritan Estuary, its headwaters, and the communities that depend on healthy waterways.

After Ida left unprecedented damage and produced record rainfall in New York, we know we must accelerate efforts to help communities and ecosystems manage increasingly devastating impacts of climate change. This is a chance to invest like never before in the protection of wildlife, drinking water supplies, community access to waterfronts, and flood management. This bill needs the support of constituents like you, and cosponsorship from your Congressional representative, to become law. Currently, we have the support of a number of New York and New Jersey representatives. We need that number to grow.

The Hudson River is cherished for its history, beauty, wildlife and habitat, home to so many people and such a diversity of species, including our iconic, endangered sturgeon. Even so, the Hudson-Raritan watersheds lack a coordinated, multimillion-dollar federal estuary grant program on par with those that support Long Island Sound, the Great Lakes,and Chesapeake Bay.

Please take action now and urge your member of Congress to support the NY-NJ Watershed Protection Act. Your voice is essential in making a meaningful and vital investment for future generations.


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