Tell NYC to go big on green infrastructure

Kingsland green roof

Bureaucracy is holding us back from scaling up as needed to improve water quality and combat some of the devastating impacts that climate change will have on New York City. Rain gardens, green roofs and other solutions are becoming essential urban features amid the extremes of a changing climate. Green infrastructure makes the landscape more absorbent and reduces sewage overflows into New York City waterways. And there are other benefits: flood control, heat reduction, natural habitat. Everyone’s on board.

But right now, it’s essential that the city step it up.

Riverkeeper and partner environmental organizations recently submitted to the Mayor Adams Administration 12 recommendations for improving New York City’s Green Infrastructure Program. The recommendations urge greater cooperation among city agencies; more creative and aggressive funding procurement; better maintenance for the 11,000 sidewalk rain gardens and other constructed infrastructure; and equitable disbursement of green infrastructure practices across all New York City neighborhoods. The report is meant to inform the city’s forthcoming “AdaptNYC Plan,” which will evaluate various climate hazards impacting the city and its shoreline with a focus on environmental justice impacts. Green infrastructure and its many benefits must be a key part of any adaptation effort.

Join us in urging the city to incorporate our Green Infrastructure Program recommendations into the city’s AdaptNYC Plan.

Tell Mayor Adams to upgrade New York City’s Green Infrastructure Program to meet the growing stormwater and flooding challenges facing the city.


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  • Kizzy Charles-Guzman, Office of Climate & Environmental Justice


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