Urge your Assembly members to protect NY streams and restore living shorelines

Mill Creek, Swyer PreserveWe need your help to protect our state's streams and shorelines! The New York State Senate has passed two important bills – one to expand protections for streams and rivers, and another to prioritize living shorelines and help our coastlines adapt to the impacts of climate change. By speaking out now, you can help make these bills become law.

The first bill aims to protect 41,000 miles of streams and rivers across New York, including nearly 9,000 miles in the Hudson River watershed. The second bill, Living Shorelines Act, promotes nature-based solutions over hardened shorelines, providing habitat that can grow naturally over time.

We need the Assembly to act before the end of the session on June 8. Without these bills, many streams and shorelines in New York will continue to be at risk, putting our drinking water, recreation, and flood protection in jeopardy.

We can't afford to wait any longer to take action. Contact your Assemblymember today and urge them to pass the Class C stream protections and Living Shorelines Act before it is too late.


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