Tell Governor Hochul: Don't cut clean water infrastructure

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Photo: Angus McIntyre

Governor Hochul’s proposed Executive Budget for New York State contains worrying cuts to environmental funding and environmental law enforcement that the Hudson River and its communities depend on.

The Governor is proposing to cut Clean Water Infrastructure funding in half from $500 million annually to only $250 million, shuffle $25 million of Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) funds towards agency staffing, and cut Hudson River Estuary Program funding by $250,000

The Senate and Assembly are pushing back with their proposed budgets that restores funding for environmental programs but negotiations with the Governor are entering their final stage with a budget expected any day now.

These cuts mean fewer investments in replacing aging water pipes and wastewater treatment plants, a diminished ability to address harmful algal blooms that deplete oxygen in the water and kill fish, fewer communities accessing grants for drinking water protection projects, a reduction in hands-on classroom programs through the Hudson River Estuary Program, New York must commit to at least a $600 million investment in the Clean Water Infrastructure Act and oppose any funding raids or cuts to the EPF and the Hudson River Estuary Program.

Help our allies in the legislature push back against these cuts. Urge Governor Hochul to course correct and fully fund clean water programs!


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