Keep the Hudson plastic-free: Write your elected officials to pass the Package Reduction & Recycling Infrastructure Act


plastics and trash on the beach
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Urge your legislators to address packaging waste and plastic pollution in New York, ban 15 of the most toxic chemicals found in packaging, and require companies to take responsibility for their role in the plastic pollution across our state.

At Riverkeeper’s annual Sweep, a day of service dedicated to cleaning the Hudson River and its tributaries from the Adirondacks to NYC, we see firsthand the consequences of excessive plastic packaging and poor recycling infrastructure. Last year alone, participants collected 31 tons of debris, including over 2 tons of recycling. Single-use plastics, including food packaging and bottles, made up the bulk of the trash at Sweep sites, with plastic bottles continuing to be the most common type of trash found in the river every year.

Contact your New York State Senator and Assemblymember ASAP to ask them to support the Packaging Reduction & Recycling Infrastructure Act introduced by Senator Harckham and Assemblymember Glick.


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