Tell your state reps to support the Governors ban of Polystyrene

Newtown Creek dunkin donuts cup styrofoam

The plastics and chemical lobby have descended on Albany to stop Governor Cuomo’s proposed ban on polystyrene products announced in his 2020 state of the state address. Legislators need to hear from you to ensure this toxic product is eliminated.

Polystyrene (or styrofoam) is a plastic product created from hazardous and carcinogenic compounds. Despite claims from the plastic and chemical industry, there exists no viable market for styrofoam recycling. Along the New York City and Hudson Valley shorelines, styrofoam is one of the most common types of pollution based on data collected during the annual Riverkeeper Sweep cleanup event. Styrofoam packaging accounted for a significant portion of the pollution found along the Hudson shoreline in 2019.

The Governor's proposed ban would relieve the public of these environmental and public health hazards and would lessen the pollution accumulating along New York's waterways.

Urge your state representatives to ban polystyrene now!


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