Urge Governor Hochul & State Legislators to stop radioactive dumping into the Hudson River

Indian Point

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Holtec International, the firm responsible for decommissioning the Indian Point nuclear power plant, has stated that it will resume discharging radioactive wastewater into the Hudson River as early as August, and possibly sooner.

New legislation introduced (S5181/A5338) by state Senator Pete Harckharm and Assemblymember Dana Levenberg, with the support of a growing list of co-sponsors, will put a stop to any planned discharge into the Hudson River.

Instead of discharging the wastewater, Riverkeeper is calling for secure storage of the contaminated water on the Indian Point site while safer disposal methods are evaluated. It’s time to draw the line against using the Hudson as a dumping ground for tritium, a radioactive isotope present in the wastewater. Ingestion of tritium is linked to cancer, and children and pregnant women are most vulnerable.

A groundswell of public voices are objecting to Holtec’s discharges that prioritize profit margins and expediency over the Hudson River, and local communities. Riverkeeper supports this call to explore alternatives to dispose of the tritium.

We need your help urging lawmakers and Governor Hochul to support the legislation.

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