A Night to Fight for a #HealthyHudson
Patagonia Meatpacking

Did you know that the Hudson River is the nation’s largest Superfund site, running for almost 200 miles from Hudson Falls, NY to NYC, because of General Electric? GE dumped over a million pounds of toxic PCBs into the River between 1947 and 1977. Now, EPA and GE are trying to walk away from their PCB cleanup effort before the job is done.

EPA held two meetings upstate on their second five-year review but our calls to the agency for a meeting in New York City have gone unanswered. Help us show them that NYC cannot be ignored. Comments to EPA on the future of the Hudson River cleanup are due on September 1st.

Join Riverkeeper and partners at Patagonia Meatpacking for an evening to learn how to take action to stand up for a 

Partners: Scenic Hudson, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, United for Action, Patagonia, NYC Friends of Clearwater and more to come!

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
414 West 14th Street
New York City, NY 10014
United States

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