LaGuardia AirTrain Petition

Flushing Bay Promenade
Photo: Flushing Bay Promenade, Daniel Pashall /Guardians of Flushing Bay

I respectfully request that New York State work with federal partners to complete an environmental impact statement on the proposed AirTrain from the Willets Point subway station to LaGuardia Airport before making any determination to construct the train, alienate parkland, or grant eminent domain authority to condemn properties. An AirTrain could impose significant hardship on local communities and the bay.

Thousands of kayakers and dragon boaters paddle on Flushing Bay each year. Even more New Yorkers enjoy the Flushing Bay Promenade and historic World’s Fair Marina for recreation and boat launching. Besides people, the waters are home to many wetland species, such as oysters, blue crabs, flounder, striped bass, and great blue heron. And, through community-driven efforts like Riverkeeper’s and Guardians of Flushing Bay’s vision plan, there is potential to further improve the waterfront.  

I’m concerned that an AirTrain could obstruct connectivity and recreational opportunities at the waterfront and also destroy local ecological habitats. I am also concerned about air, noise and other impacts on local residents from the AirTrain.

Given these concerns, I am joining the call for a complete environmental review that engages all members of the community, including local residents and the thriving boating and recreational groups that utilize Flushing Bay, before any further steps are taken to authorize or complete the LaGuardia AirTrain.