Pledge to support the Restore Mother Nature Bond Act

River Herring

I pledge to join Riverkeeper’s campaign in support of the $3 billion Restore Mother Nature Environmental Bond Act ballot initiative this November.

The bond act presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address the impacts of climate change and prepare for challenges to come. Currently, nearly all the Hudson River’s fish are in serious, long-term decline. Wetlands have been degraded and lost. Flooding and weather-related damages have reached a crisis point, causing billions of dollars and countless human tragedies.

We must take steps immediately to protect and restore waterways and habitats. We must prepare for a future of rising seas, increased flooding and more heat. We must conserve natural areas that support clean water and provide buffers against extreme weather.

By restoring marshes, removing dams and fostering oyster reefs, Restore Mother Nature will give New York’s wildlife and Hudson River fish a fighting chance to recover and thrive. The bond act will support local jobs and ensure that nature is a core component of an economic recovery.

The last environmental bond act, approved in 1996, continues to improve water quality and wildlife habitat across the Hudson River Estuary while providing benefits to New Yorkers. A new investment is critical, for this generation and future ones.

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