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Current Advocacy Campaigns from Riverkeeper:

Demand EPA hold General Electric accountable for PCB pollution in the Hudson River
Demand that EPA acknowledge that the Upper Hudson River dredging remedy has failed to meet the goals and objectives of the cleanup, and urge EPA to adopt a "not protective determination" in the release of the third five-year review.
Tell Governor Hochul: It's time to stop plastic bottle pollution
Send a message to Governor Hochul and your state representatives, urging them to support A6353/S237, which would expand New York State's bottle deposit program to include non-carbonated beverages as well as wine and liquor glass bottles.
Demand special protections for heavily polluted waters
Our impaired waters--from Bronx River to Jamaica Bay--warrant special protection under the Clean Water Act. The City must identify green infrastructure opportunities and customize stormwater best management practices to protect them.
Keep the Hudson plastic-free: Write your elected officials to pass the Package Reduction & Recycling Infrastructure Act
Urge your legislators to address packaging waste and plastic pollution in New York, ban 15 of the most toxic chemicals found in packaging, and require companies to take responsibility for their role in the plastic pollution across our state.
Last chance to cut the crap in New York City
This is our last chance to demand city and state officials take action to cut stormwater and sewage pollution in New York City.
Take Action: Make PFAS cleanup in Newburgh a priority
Tell the Department of Defense to get the cleanup at Stewart Air National Guard Base right: Prioritize the cleanup of the riskiest sources of PFAS contamination.
Tell Congress: Don't let EPA weaken the Clean Water Act!
Tell Congress: Don't let EPA weaken the Clean Water Act!
Tell EPA it's time to cut the crap in Newtown Creek
It's time to take our waters back. Tell EPA that further CSO capture should be a part of the final remedy to remediate and protect Newtown Creek.
Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
Tell Governor Hochul we need her leadership to prevent invasive carp from entering the Hudson River via the Erie Canal - a once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect native ecology.
Tell Governor Hochul: Don't cut clean water infrastructure
Governor Hochul's proposed Executive Budget for New York contains cuts to environmental funding and environmental law enforcement that the Hudson River and its communities depend on. Urge the Governor to safeguard these important sources of funding.


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