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Indian Point

Entergy has selected Holtec as the company to transfer Indian Point to for the purpose of decommissioning. With the transfer, Entergy would walk away from any liability, and Holtec would take over the $2 billion trust fund, the management of the spent fuel, responsibility for security, and the decommissioning and site clean up. This is unacceptable because Holtec is the worst choice to entrust with these critical tasks. It has bribed workers at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), was suspended from contracting with TVA, then lied about this to obtain tax breaks from New Jersey. In addition, its partner SNC-Lavalin is embroiled in a bribery scandal in Canada. To make things even worse Holtec has little experience with decommissioning and is not backing the project with any of its own money. Holtec’s spent fuel management system at San Onofre nuclear power plant proved to have serious design flaws, and there is a history of whistleblowers calling out Holtec for taking unreasonable risks with spent nuclear fuel canisters.

Tell Entergy and Governor Cuomo to halt Entergy’s transfer to Holtec. Demand that they select a company that is actually prepared to do the Indian Point decommissioning.

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